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Professional Portraits

Whether you need 30 portraits for your company website or a single image for your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles, you will find having your portrait taken an easy and relaxed process. Just get in touch to find out how I can help you achieve the right professional look, and a personal touch.


Event Photography

No matter what the nature of your event, I'll be working hard to cover all the key moments; I'll also be your fly on the wall, capturing the personal moments and the experience of your guests, so that you have the best showcase for your event, and the best possible promotional tool for the next.

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Wedding Photography

Weddings should be a photographer's dream job; they certainly are mine. Beautiful settings, everyone dressed up to the max, a really joyful and celebratory atmosphere, and of course at the centre of it all a stunning bride and husband to be. I will create a stunning series of photo memories for you, of the things you could see, and the things you missed. Because I care so much about capturing it all, you are sure to love you wedding pictures too.

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Music Photography

I've played many gigs, and I've photographed many gigs all around London, and often at a certain farm in Somerset. For me there is little that beats the thrill of live music and I take the opportunity to photograph as many gigs in the capital as I can.