Conferences After Hours

Once the business of the day is over, a great drinks reception or dinner can put the seal on a great day for your delegates.  The experience will help ensure that they come back again next year.  Great images are the perfect tool for attracting new delegates for next year's conference.  Book me for your conference photography to make sure that next time you have these images that matter.

COBIS 2018_001.jpg
COBIS 2018_003.jpg

Choose Your Background

Almost anything can work as the background to a portrait, provided that background is properly blurred to emphasis the person in the photo. The only thing that matters is consistency; if you are having several people photographed, make sure the background is the same, as this looks great on your website.

It's me behind the camera

All of us conference snappers will have a great camera and loads of lenses when we cover an event, but the most important thing I bring with me is not technological, but biological. What you are really paying for when you ask me to cover your event is my eye behind the lens, my people skills and my years of experience.  But don’t worry, I will still bring all the kit, just in case . . .

Time to update LinkedIn

New Year can mean resolutions at work as well as at home, and perhaps you’ve been thinking of improving your LinkedIn page for all of 2019’s new opportunities. Whether it’s updating from the smart phone portrait that you’ve not yet got around to replacing, or maybe you just need a better photo; and if you need something for other social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest, Luke Patrick Dixon Photography can take care of all of them. Get in touch to arrange your photo and make your social media presence sharper in 2019.