Planning a party?

Whatever kind of event your planning this autumn and winter, make sure that you get some great pictures of your night to remember the event and to share with your guests. Give me a call if you want to get some great memories like these . . .

Conferences After Hours

Once the business of the day is over, a great drinks reception or dinner can put the seal on a great day for your delegates.  The experience will help ensure that they come back again next year.  Great images are the perfect tool for attracting new delegates for next year's conference.  Book me for your conference photography to make sure that next time you have these images that matter.

COBIS 2018_001.jpg
COBIS 2018_003.jpg

The smartest parties, the smartest guests

When you have arranged a really great party, make sure that everyone can appreciate the work that has gone into it by making sure that your fabulous arrangements, and your perfectly turned out guests, are in lots of photos for you to share after the event.