Choose Your Background

Almost anything can work as the background to a portrait, provided that background is properly blurred to emphasis the person in the photo. The only thing that matters is consistency; if you are having several people photographed, make sure the background is the same, as this looks great on your website.

Adventurous Portraits

It”s still surprising to me how much corporate portrait photography is almost exactly the same. The same backgrounds and the same poses, with very little additional processing of manipulation to make them more dynamic and exciting.

With just a little forethought and digital trickery, your portraits can be quickly improved to be much more engaging.  As someone who takes on a average about 5000 portrait images annually, I would be delighted to make the process more creative and give you a more distinctive look to your staff images.

Get in touch with me to start the process for you.

Relaxed and beautiful portraits

Relaxed, beautiful professional portraiture is essential to your professional online presence.  Get in touch to book your portraits with me, whether it's just one for yourself, or a whole team that need matching professional shots, get in touch with me to book your session.

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What's your portrait style

When you get some staff portraits done, whether you are updating existing shots, getting some portraits of new starters, or completely re-shooting in conjunction with website updates, there are many options open to you in choosing the background.  Whilst many still opt for a plain dark or white background, but there are many options open to you, from taking a blurred office background or using a brick wall, mot even going and taking the shots outside (not today though please for the sake of my fingers).  

As you can see from the attached gallery there are many options, so if you know you need to get some shots done, give me a call to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

The smartest parties, the smartest guests

When you have arranged a really great party, make sure that everyone can appreciate the work that has gone into it by making sure that your fabulous arrangements, and your perfectly turned out guests, are in lots of photos for you to share after the event.