Advice for any photography shy brides out there

One of my recent brides, Natalie Bridgeman has written a marvellous blog offering encouragement to any camera shy brides to be out there.  Oh, and she was nice enough to be kind about how I helped her through it as well.  Thanks Natalie!

Camera shy brides can rely on Luke!

By Natalie Bridgeman

I started writing a testimonial for the fantastic photography from Luke Patrick Dixon photography on our wedding day. I found myself going off point. The testimonial made me think, I must not be the only bride who felt the same as me about their wedding day, and I’m sure there are brides-to-be going through this right now.

The confidence of a bride, or lack of it!

We had our son before we got married, I was 32 and wasn’t feeling like a beautiful bride-to-be. I had a lot of work to do to get ‘wedding body’ ready! I was worried about my weight, my dress not looking right (will I have a belly button shadow through my dress), my hair, my make-up. It was A LOT of work leading up to the big day and I didn’t have the time.

I was worried about the attention being on me, people looking at what I looked like and judging, not just on the day, but for decades in our wedding photos!
Camera, stay away!
The thought of the dreaded camera scared me! I would have a camera in my face, with a photographer asking me to pose in ways I was not used to and I had to look happy! This was a challenge I thought I would fail.

After confiding with a mum friend, she recommended Luke Dixon. I knew Luke from our local playgroup and he always took some amazing photos of my son for Christmas presents and gifts for family and friends.

We met with Luke some months before the wedding to discuss the types of photos we wanted. I think Luke knew straightaway from our conversation that I wasn’t the most confident of people in front of the camera. I’m a typical social media mum, loads of pictures of my son on my Facebook page, but none of me!

The Wedding Day!!

The big day came! Hair was perfect, make-up was spot on, belly button hole was hidden away, but I did not reach my perfect weight for the day (half a stone off my target). This resulted with my weight being on my mind, and I knew the camera add 10lbs!!

Luke could see my nerves and was so reassuring that the photos would look amazing. It’s very easy to be relaxed round Luke, he puts you at ease, and before you know it, you’re laughing and distracted from the nerves of having to look perfect.

Luke picked up on what kind of couple, Chris and I was from the beginning of meeting us both. Luke knew that banter was a big part of our relationship. When it was time for a few posed shots, Luke was there to get the banter started, to turn our awkward fake smiles into our natural smiles (no cheesy jokes!). The posed shots are what I was dreading, but actually it was a lot of fun and helped to get us in a relaxed mood to start the fun of the reception.
I would like to say a saw Luke after that on my wedding day, but I didn’t, he had gone! He was amongst the crowd, doing what he does best. I completely forgot he was in the room!
Photos telling the story of the wedding day

I few weeks after the wedding we received our wedding pictures. I was very nervous how I was going to look. We opened the file, and from start to end we were amazed! The photos were the happiest I have ever seen! Every photo was filled with beautiful and happy people. I now know where Luke was on our wedding day, hiding away, taking hundreds of shots to tell the story of our wedding.

Our wedding day was a daze, a bit like someone had hit us over the head with a hammer, there was so much we couldn’t remember, but the pictures showed the complete story not just from our side, but the complete story from our friends and family. We know what they get up to!
Tears were falling down my face whilst going through the photos, I did look beautiful, I can actually say that. I looked relaxed, happy and at home. Pictures of my son as Paige boy was beyond beautiful, and fills us with so much joy.

I highly recommend Luke Patrick Dixon Photography
My advice to any nervous bride, is to speak with Luke! Let him know about your worries, he is the expert, he can work round your worries for your big day. We’re not all built for Hello Magazine confidence, but this doesn’t have to mean you can’t achieve your dream pictures for you to enjoy for decades to come.
So, in the build-up to your wedding, relax, and enjoy. Things may go wrong (car broke down and AA man became an extra guest at our wedding!), but Luke will be there to tell the story for you to enjoy and laugh about for years! That’s what makes a wedding!

A little camera history . . .

I've owned several cameras over the years.  One of my first was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7.  I took hundreds and hundreds of images with with little camera and it is probably where I first really started to expand my own photography skills beyond just pointing and shooting. Even now some of the results look quite delightful, despite the now tiny 6MP resolution.  Here's a few favourites to look at.

The smartest parties, the smartest guests

When you have arranged a really great party, make sure that everyone can appreciate the work that has gone into it by making sure that your fabulous arrangements, and your perfectly turned out guests, are in lots of photos for you to share after the event.

Joining in at Fabian Society Annual Conference 2018

Keep your conference delegates coming back each year, and bring new people by making sure that you have lots of strong images of your delegates participating and contributing to your event.   The Fabian Society host a really vibrant annual conference each January and I have been photographing it now for 7 years.  Each year brings a great mixture of prominent opinion formers, MPs and activists, but the real secret to their success is the passionate involvement of the delegates who make the the event really special.

Lone Taxidermist at The Lexington, King's Cross

Last month I went up to the Lexington in King's Cross to see Lone Taxidermist, whose work I discovered at the start of the month. I realised I could not pass up the chance to see her live when I read some of the reports of their extraordinary live performances.  I wasn't disappointed and was lucky enough to get some great images while I was there, a selection of which are here.  You can see more of them my Flickr page, along with some other music photography from the last few years.

National Autistic Society - Held Back Campaign

I was present for another exciting event held by the National Autistic Society at the House of Commons, part of their Held Back campaign to encourage schools to provide all the help necessary to help those with autism thrive at school.  If you need vibrant images to tell the stories of your campaigns, do get in touch

Fabian Society Annual Conference 2017

I've been photographing the annual Fabian Conference for several years now, and I'm always delighted to cover an event so buzzing with political engagement, and lively debate. This year the venue was a new one, Friends House near Euston Station, and the keynote speech was once again the leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corby. With stimulating debate both in the main conference room, and at many plenary sessions thought this excellent venue, there was plenty to keep the conscientious liberal busy and happy throughout the day . .

European Software Testing Awards

Software testing isn't usually glamorous, unless you are attending the European Software Testing awards that is. With almost all of the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood awards ceremony, this is a terrifically enjoyable night, and I greatly enjoyed covering it.

The City UK Annual Dinner 2016

Every year The City UK holds it's annual dinner at Mansion House, and it's everything that you would expect from such a luxurious city venue. Keynote speaker this year was Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling. As you can see from the photos, it was a spectacular dinner.